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               Dent Event Fundraiser

 A Dent Event Fundraiser is an opportunity for a Not for Profit Organization to raise money.

In a nutshell, The Dent Pro provides paintless dent repair and the 'donors' write a check to the Non Profit. It's that simple. The more 'donors' that are scheduled, the more money the Non Profit makes.

The Non Profit would be responsible for all marketing and scheduling of appointments for the Dent Event. The Dent Pro would provide 'dent guidelines' to help the Non Profit filter potential appointments ensuring a higher success rate of repair.

The Dent Pro will show up on the date of the event and the Non Profit point of contact would be there to facilitate the flow of 'donors'.

Criteria for a repair:

- The dent is no larger than a quarter.

- There is an additional charge for multiple dents on the same panel.

- The paint must not be cracked or chipped.

- The dent must be at least 2" from any edge.

- Roofs are excluded from the event.

As long as the criteria is adhered to and the dent is accessible for repair, the repair process should allow for 3 appointments an hour. A typical event would run between 8 and 10 hours.

For more details about running a Dent Event Fundraiser, contact Tom Wilburn.