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        A typical dent repair is a quarter size dent or a 2 inch crease runs between $120 - $150, depending on a few factors, such as:

        Depth, length, sharpness, location and access are just a few factors involved.

        Multiple dented panels are estimate only.

        Bumper repairs run $250.

       Please feel free to use your cell phone to take a few pictures of your damage.  Please take the pics at an angle, so that we can see the depth and size of the damage.

Send the pics as a text message to 804 - 413 - 3053.  Please include the make and year of your vehicle and the city in the text message.

      Roof repairs may require the removal and re-installation of the headliner and/or sunroofs.

         The Dent Pro is a community focused company and is committed to the members of the community.

       One way that The Dent Pro gives back is by providing a discount.

      The following members within the territory of The Dent Pro will receive a 20% discount on all dent repairs, excluding hail/acorn damage and roof repairs.


                   20% Discount Beneficiaries

                                    Senior Citizens


                Military Service Members


                Fire Department Personnel


                    Shipyard Employees

                             Payments Accepted

                    Cash, Personal Check, Visa/MC