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Bumper repairs are the top half of this page. 
Dent repairs are the bottom half of this page.

Bumper Repairs

2002 Honda Civic

 2014 Prius rear bumper

2012 Honda Odyssey bumper.                           

2013 Tahoe Bumper

Dent Repairs
The dent repairs shown here are above average repairs that
were priced accordingly.

 2012 Honda Civic Hood

A horizontal crease on 2013 Mazda rear door. 
           Creased door                             Door repaired

2014 Toyota Sienna Van.
This repair saved the customer a trip to the body shop.
Paint is still factory and the repair was much less than the
body shop estimate.


              Sienna Hatch Dent               Sienna Hatch Repaired

                           Other vehicle dent repairs


      Accord Fender Before             Accord Fender After


   Quarter panel before                Quarter panel after

                   Dented Fender                        Repaired Fender


                     Dented door                             Repaired door


                 Dented Hatch                           Repaired Hatch


                  Damaged fender                     Repaired fender


           Damaged Fender                      Repaired Fender


            Dented fender                             Repaired fender


                 Damaged hood                           Repaired hood


               Damaged Fender                     Repaired Fender


             Damaged Door                            Repaired Door

       Most of my repairs are typically in the quarter size diameter range.  As the pictures
demonstrate, I can handle bigger damage, however there are many factors involved
with a large repair.  

       I assure you that you will receive my honest assessment so that you can make an
informed decision.   I know my skill level and won't attempt a repair unless the end result
will be within the parameters of an acceptable repair.

      Please take a picture of the damage and text it to my cell phone, 757.310.8417.

      Please include the year, model, name and city and I will contact you shortly